Dixon Technologies Share Price Target 2023?

Dixon Technologies Share Price Target?


This article discusses the Dixon Technologies share price target and potential investment opportunities. –


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Dixon share has been in term trading for a while and is predicted to have a price target of Rs. 1054. It is expected that when the price reaches this buy entry point, investors should consider buying Dixon Technologies shares.

If the share price reaches the target price of Rs. 1054, it should be held until it reaches the sell entry point, at which time investors should exit their positions in Dixon Technologies Ltd. Morgan Stanley has set a one-day price target of Rs 1054 for Dixon Technologies.

It believes that the stock is a good investment choice and should be held despite the fact that it has ignored multiple risks. In its June 21 note, Morgan Stanley cautions investors to watch out for Dixon Technologies’ declining tendency in the NSE Dixon market. It believes that the company will be a key beneficiary of India’s electronic manufacturing scheme and AI pickup in the coming years.


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However, it advises investors to remain cautious about the stock’s movements in the market due to its limited exposure and presence in India. Despite Morgan Stanley’s cautionary note, Dixon Technologies’ share price has been showing a steady increase over the past few weeks. 

This is partly due to the fact that global brokerage Jefferies has maintained its coverage on Dixon Technologies, despite the continuing slowdown in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry.

Dixon Technologies reported a fall in its share price after it cut its volume guidance for the third quarter of 2019 due to supply chain issues and saw a drop in revenue growth. The company’s post-highest EPS growth was also impacted by declining demand in the television space.

However, Dixon Technologies is still seen as a strong business and has seen revenue growth over the last few days, with increased orders from mobile phone OEMs. Jefferies continues to maintain their coverage on Dixon Technologies with an “overweight” rating as they expect volume to rebound in 2020 and see potential upside for Dixon’s stock price.

Overall, despite some short-term headwinds, Dixon Technologies remains one of the top players in electronics manufacturing services industry and investors are bullish about their prospects going forward. With their experienced management team and innovative products, we can expect them to continue posting strong quarter earnings even during these times of economic uncertainty. 

Dixon Technologies Private Limited is a listed company on the Bombay Stock Exchange, and it has 6 crore shares. Dixon Global Private Limited, its subsidiaries Dixon Electro Appliances Private Ltd and Dixon Electronics Private Ltd, are all listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Dixon Technologies’ revenue has grown steadily over the past few years, and this justifies their rich valuation. The company’s stock has outperformed the NSE index during this period as well. With strong fundamentals, Dixon Technologies’ share price target could be set to increase in the near future. 

The company is known for its manufacture of smartphones, with a major focus on Motorola products. Long term investors may find this a good buying opportunity as the company has recently signed a deal with Padget Electronics, as well as undergone a recent correction. Show Source Texts


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