How To Apply For Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card 2023 | Eligibility, Charges, Offers

How To Apply For Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card 2023 | Eligibility, Charges, Offers



MasterCard and Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited (Amazon Pay) have partnered with ICICI Bank to create the partnered Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit card. There are no initiation or yearly charges associated with this lifelong complimentary credit card. The revenue system for this card is intended to offer rewards for each buy in the way of Amazon Pay Gift Cards that can be redeemed for Amazon Pay balance linked to an account (except EMI operations, transactions switched to EMIs afterwards, fuel expenditures, and Amazon company purchases conducted via


Key advantages of an ICICI Bank credit card with Amazon Pay?

a) There are no enrollment or annual charges.

b) This credit card has no income restrictions.

c) Rewards have no time limit.

d) There is no required minimal redeeming value or reclamation charge.

How can I register for an ICICI Bank credit card with Amazon Pay?


  • Choose Register Now on the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card homepage.
  • Applying for the card requires following the instructions displayed on the screen

After the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is approved, if you already have an association with the institution, you continue to be the holder of your previous ICICI Bank Credit Card.

How can one find out the current state of credit card requests?


a) You can check the progress with your credit card when you finish submitting your request digitally.

b) You may contact ICICI support from your verified cellphone number at 1800 102 0123 to find out the current situation.

c) If your request has been accepted or declined, ICICI will notify you to confirm the decision. If you are rejected, an e-mail from ICICI Bank with the subject line “[email protected]” will be sent to you.

What are the criteria to enroll for the bank card?


  1. Amazon Credit Card Qualifications
  2. At minimum 18 years old
  3. Genuine U.S. location (no P.O. boxes)
  4. Evidence of sufficient earnings to fulfil the Monthly minimal payments
  5. Social Security id or ITIN
  6. Excellent score or higher
  7. The person applying must be at least 60 years old.
  8. For those looking to register for the credit card, a credit Score of 750 or higher is required.
  9. To obtain this card through the internet, you should have a reliable source of revenue.


Charges connected with the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card


There are no enrolling or yearly charges associated with participating in this special scheme. For receiving the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card, there are no registration or yearly fees.

These are the charges and expenses for using an ICICI credit card with Amazon Pay:


  • Additional card charges: Nil
  • Unpaid interest on lending that has been granted or interest on money advances: According to the client’s productivity and behaviors, the rate ranges from 3.5% to 3.8% monthly (42% to 45.6% annually).
  • The processing cost for cash advances is 2.50% of the advanced sum, with an initial charge of Rs. 300.
  • Cost for dial-a-draft transactions: 3% of the draught value, with a minimal charge of Rs. 300.
  • Penalties for late payments:

Rs. 100 for the entire sum owed, ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500.

Rs. 500 for the entire sum owing, ranging from Rs. 501 to Rs. 10,000.

750 rupees for any outstanding balance that exceeds 10,000 rupees.

  • Additional fees: 2.5% on the sum that exceeds the threshold, with a minimum of Rs. 500.
  • The charge for returned checks/auto-debits: 2% of the whole sum owed, with a minimal fee of Rs. 450.
  • Processing costs for out-of-state checks are 1% of the total amount, with an upfront charge of Rs. 100.
  • There is a 100 rupee transaction cost for cash payments at banks.
  • Application for a copy of the statement: Rs. 100 (after three months).
  • Charges for card replacement: Rs. 100.
  • Charges for collection by cheque or cash: Rs. 100 per pick-up.
  • Billing slips are available for Rs. 100 each.
  • Foreign exchange transactions cost: 3.5% margin.
  • GST: currently 18%, which is applied to all expenses, interest, surcharges, and other costs.



At the end of every period of billing for this credit card, income will automatically be converted and sent as an Amazon Pay sum for around two days. You will receive any relevant earnings in the way of Amazon Pay Gift Cards that may be redeemed for the Amazon Pay balance linked to the Amazon profile utilized for applying for the credit card. The ICICI credit card statement, containing revenue for previous payment cycles, is available to you.


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