Top 5 Dividend Paying Stocks in 2023, Giving Better Returns Than Bank Fixed Deposits.


These Top 5 Companies in Indian Stock Market are giving returns of up to 25% Anual Dividend yield which is almost double that of any Bank Fixed Deposits in India.

1. Vedanta Ltd.

Vedanta Ltd is in the Sector of Non-Ferrous Metals. Vedanta’s major products are Zinc lead Silver, steel, iron ore, copper, oil and gas, aluminum, and power. The company has a market share of Rs.117054.60 Cr. With Earning per Share (EPS) of 38.99 and a  Current Dividend Yield of 25.81% which is more than three times of any bank fixed deposits

Here is Vedanta Dividend Paying History.

Ex-Date  Dividend Amount Dividend Type Record Date
03-02-2023 12.50 Interim 04-02-2023
29-11-2022 17.50 Interim 30-11-2022
26-07-2022 19.50 Interim 27-07-2022
06-05-2022 31.50 Interim 09-05-2022
09-03-2022 13.00 Interim 10-03-2022


2. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOC)

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is a public-sector undertaking company under the ownership of the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas. It’s a fortune 500 company and India’s largest government-undertaking oil producer. Indian Oil Corporation Limited Current Market Cap is Rs. 113746 Cr., IOC has an EPS of 4.35 a Divided Yield of 14.15% which is double that of a Bank Fixed Deposit.

Here is Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) Dividend Paying History

Ex-Date  Dividend Amount Dividend Type Record Date
11-08-2022 2.40 Final 12-08-2022
09-02-2022 4.00 Interim 10-02-2022
11-11-2021 5.00 Interim 12-11-2021
05-08-2021 1.50 Final 06-08-2021
23-03-2021 3.00 Interim 24-03-2021


3. Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL)

Steel Authority of India (SAIL) is a Maharatana Company and a government undertaking company. SAIL is a leading steel manufacturing company producing special steel and basic steel for domestic construction and engineering needs. SAIL has an impressive market cap of Rs.35584 CR and EPS of Rs.8.46. SAIL has a current Dividend yield of 10.16% which is very high compared to any Bank Fixed deposits.

Here is Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) Dividend Paying History.

Ex-Date  Dividend Amount Dividend Type Record Date
28-07-2022 2.25 Final 29-07-2022
28-03-2022 2.50 Interim 29-03-2022
09-11-2021 4.00 Interim 10-11-2021
20-09-2021 1.80 Final 21-08-2021
04-02-2021 1.00 Interim 06-02-2021


4. Sanofi India Ltd.

Sanofi India Limited is a major pharmaceutical player in the World. Sanofi develops therapeutics medicines for cardiovascular disease and thermobaric diseases, Internal medicines, and vaccines. Sanofi’s portfolio consists of major brands like Combiflame, Soframycin, and Cardace etc. It has a Market Cap of Rs.12,347 Cr with EPS of 251.88. Sanofi India Limited is paying Dividends at a yield of 9.14 which is higher than a Bank Fixed Deposit.

Here is Sanofi India Limited Dividend Paying History.

Ex-Date  Dividend Amount Dividend Type Announce Date
05-08-2022 193.00 Special 13-07-2022
12-04-2022 309.00 Special 23-02-2022
12-04-2022 181.00 Final 23-02-2021
19-04-2021 240.00 Special 23-02-2021
19-04-2021 125.00 Final 06-02-2021


5. National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO)

National Aluminium Company Ltd is also a Government undertaking enterprise which is in the business of Aluminum, Casting, alumina refining, power generation, port operations, and railways. NALCO has a market cap of Rs.14775 Cr. and an EPS (Earning per share) of 10.70. The current Nalco Dividend yield is of 8.08 again which is similar to or higher than bank fixed deposits.

Here is National Aluminium Company Ltd. (NALCO) Dividend Paying History

Ex-Date  Dividend Amount Dividend Type Record Date
25-01-2023 1.00 Interim 27-01-2023
15-09-2022 1.50 Final 16-09-2022
17-02-2022 3.00 Interim 19-02-2022
24-11-2021 2.00 Interim 25-11-2021
23-09-2021 1.00 Final 24-09-2021




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